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Baby Milestone Blanket Full Pack | Beautiful memories of your boy or girl | Super soft Unisex Photo Backdrop |16 Free Bonus Accessories| Unique Box for Baby Shower Gifts | review


Baby Milestone Blanket Full Pack | Beautiful memories of your boy or girl | Super soft Unisex Photo Backdrop |16 Free Bonus Accessories| Unique Box for Baby Shower Gifts | review

How about you close your eyes and imagine a warm weekend morning, all the family together at home ? 

For me every day is about memories – so that’s what I would do…I would take tons of photos of my baby and her older brother, together on the milestone blanket, laughing and giggling, spreading happiness all around them;

Dudu loves crafting, so he would cut out and color letters and numbers to arrange on the blanket for Noni’s name, weight and teeth. Then they would play with the silky ribbon, instead of creating a nice decor, and we’d all laugh.  

Nothing is more precious in life than memories…

Guide your baby step by step into this big world of firsts, they grow up so fast…and we’ll wake up years from now admiring the photographs and laugh together.

All those funny and special moments you caught on camera bring both smiles and tears!

Keep the photography props as memories for your children and give them when they’re older.

Being myself a mother of 2, I know how important and precious a mother’s time is and how we want to get the best out of every second. We designed our premium milestone blanket complete gift set with LOVE and attention to details. No compromises were made on any feature.

If you decide to offer this product as a present for an expecting mom or any baby party, be sure that your gift will rock!

Shop risk free – 100% Money back guaranteed! Feel confident knowing you’ve made the right choice thanks to our 30 day money back guarantee. If you run into any problems, reach out to our friendly and helpful customer service team.

So now that you found the perfect gift solution and for crafting amazing memories with your own family, it’s time to have one!

Click the Add-to-cart button and welcome in the Nonidoo family!

AMAZING MEMORIES – Were you looking for a beautiful high quality milestone blanket , with all necessary photo props included ? Well,here it is – ALL-IN-1 package; you can create awesome memories to enjoy together, years from now, when the little one will be grown-up; emotions will overwhelm you when seeing the personalized photos made with so much love; track your baby’s monthly growth – age, weight and teeth – you’ve found the ONLY blanket with ALL important MILESTONES
Remember those wrinkled, see-through so-called blankets ? Forget about them; this is a SUPER SOFT and THICK fleece, designed for your baby’s full comfort ; it’s so smooth that you’ll want to take it everywhere you go ; large,but still light, you can use it everyday, not just for baby pictures; everyone loves a soft blanket, no matter the age – newborn, infant, toddler and even parents;
So why wait? You absolutely MUST HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW; buy it for yourself and make an excellent present to your adorable baby; or buy it for your friend, who’s expecting ; or even for your other friend’s newborn; every little baby will be so happy when modelling for the family photo-book; moms will also be happy because it’s practical, reusable and easy to clean but also stylish and elegant
NO NEED for ANY OTHER ACCESORY OR PROP, just pick the frames and circle whatever you like to mark – days, weeks, months, years or teeth; cut out and add also numbers for weight and teeth and the photo background is ready; add more smiles to the memories by using the template card specially designed for you – write, erase and write again all the big moments in your newbie first years’ trip; ohh, why not use it as a blankie? it works perfectly
So VERSATILE works in so many situations: SWADDLING the babies, to COVER the crib, the stroller or the children inside on a colder day out; DISCREETLY NURSING in public and PUT THE BABY TO SLEEP; lay it on the floor as PLAY RUG or learn to count ; you won’t even feel it in your luggage for travel, or a picnic;

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