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Fleece Monthly Milestone Blanket | Picture Perfect Unisex Design For Baby Girl Or Boy | Photography Prop For Newborn Photos | Bonus: 10 Infant Cards review


Fleece Monthly Milestone Blanket | Picture Perfect Unisex Design For Baby Girl Or Boy | Photography Prop For Newborn Photos | Bonus: 10 Infant Cards review

Your search for the best baby photo blanket is finally over. When you purchase from us today you can look forward to getting the highest quality fleece photo blanket.

You want only the best for your baby; you don’t want him or her to be uncomfortable even for a minute. With our soft coral fleece blanket, baby will enjoy posing for pictures, and you will enjoy sharp and clear photos. Our blanket (47×47 inches) is roomy which makes it easier to position older babies.

New parents are busy people, that’s are why you need a no iron fleece blanket. Our blanket won’t fade or rip.

“Just 4 months old and she already rolls over!”

”Just 10 months old and he already stands!”

New parenthood provides a lot of exciting moments. Capture and share these magical milestones with friends and family. Place your baby on the blanket, mark the baby’s age with our basic frame or any other props your imagination can think of such as ribbons, or toys. The blanket can be used on its own or with the cards for extra flare. Received a new baby gift? Photograph baby with our cute thank you card.

Older siblings will enjoy helping set up props, grandparents will enjoy monthly updates and you will love tracking your baby’s growth.

Why are these photo blankets so special?

Well its simple, we’ve developed these baby blankets with premium fleece fabric for long lasting baby approved quality.

You can enjoy the ultimate photo blanket with additional bonus development stage cards free of charge so that you will enjoy lots of great keepsake photos of your baby at every stage of his first year.

Most important to us is the customer service you’ll receive when you place your order today. If this is not the right product for you ,you have 60 days to let us know and get a 100% refund , no questions .

Click the Add to Cart Button Above and Order your Soft Lilac Blanket today!

BONUS: PICTURE FRAME AND 10 BABY DEVELOPMENT CARDS. Your little genius rolled over for the first time!? Congratulations, lay him on the blanket, place beside him the appropriate card ,mark the age with our frame or any other photo prop, and photograph your smart little guy or girl so that you will remember this sweet memory forever.
HIGH QUALITY FLEECE BLANKET: This blanket is warm and soft, even a newborn baby will feel comfortable laying on it and posing for his monthly photos. Soft Lilac’s premium fleece will not wrinkle like swaddle blankets, no ironing needed. This long lasting fleece blanket can be used after infant’s first year as his coziest TV blanket.
VIVID DESIGN FOR BRIGHT AND CLEAR BABY PHOTOS: Our lively pattern is gender neutral, which is awesome for a baby girl or a baby boy, this quality photo blanket makes a thoughtful and creative baby shower gift for expecting mothers.
OUR BLANKET IS GENEROUSLY SIZED: 47×47 inches. Your baby is getting bigger every day, so we left lots of white space, so that you’ll have plenty of room for development cards, photography props, and a growing baby.
YOUR BABY IS THE SMARTEST IN THE WORLD, AND NOW EVERYONE WILL KNOW. Send family and friends monthly pictures, post on social media, make slideshows, or print your baby pictures. Your little one is developing so fast, and you don’t want to miss a thing, now with this photo blanket you won’t forget when your baby started to babble, crawl or eat real food and many other important baby milestones.

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