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The Original Tray Buddi – Aqua – It’s a Playpen for High Chairs, Booster Seats, Strollers and Wheelchairs – It Keeps Baby Food, Sippy Cups and Toys on the Tray and off the Floor review


The Original Tray Buddi – Aqua – It’s a Playpen for High Chairs, Booster Seats, Strollers and Wheelchairs – It Keeps Baby Food, Sippy Cups and Toys on the Tray and off the Floor review

The Original Tray Buddi – Inspired by Gabi –
– What goes on the tray, stays on the tray with Tray Buddi

Designed by Mompreneur Jodi Bracho
– Attaches to most high chairs, booster seats, strollers & wheelchairs
– An ingenious solution that keeps messes to a minimum by keeping food, cups, toys, & objects on the tray and off the floor
– It makes messes a lot easier to clean then a splat mat, a floor mat protector or any other food & mess catcher that requires unnecessary bending
– Tray Buddi is easily cleaned with soap & water or in a washing machine and is also top rack dishwasher safe

Simple Set Up
– Just take Tray Buddi out of the bag & attach – it’s that simple
– We even have a label on the inside showing exactly where Tray Buddi attaches on the front of any tray
– Two adjustable buckles in the back make set up take just seconds
– Quick release buckles make taking it down even quicker

Makes Life Easier for Mom and Dad
– Tray Buddi turns a highchair into a perfect play area for your baby
– Going for a walk or a run just became more fun
– Gone are the days of repeatedly stopping your run to pick binky up from the sidewalk

Traveling with Tray Buddi
– Tray Buddi is the perfect travel accessory when visiting friends & family
– It easily folds back up within itself making it super portable
– Simply store away in a diaper bag, weekend traveler, backpack or any large purse or tote bag

Perfect Baby Shower gift for any new family
– All new Parents Need a Tray Buddi
– You’ll definitely want to purchase more than one, as they can be used on so many things for your little one
– Keeping everything on the tray has never been so easy for a family

Customer Care
– We’re always here for you, simply email us and we will respond promptly
– Once you purchase your Original Tray Buddi, follow us on Facebook – we’d love to hear from youGetting things done just got easier, with our high chair food and toy catcher. Your infant will enjoy eating at snack time in baby play station style, with these highchair accessories. Sets up in seconds, quick release buckles, easily adjusts larger, smaller, slides up and down to fit any highchair. Girls and boys won’t be dropping bottles, straw sippy cups, pacifiers, toys and other baby stuff on the floor.
We’ve all used waterproof bibs. The baby bib food catcher pocket keeps snacks off your little boys or girls. Now your high chair tray becomes the pocket and keeps food off the floor. Every new Mom and Dad needs a Tray Buddi. Best baby shower gift for any new family. Our snack catcher folds back up easily, making it great for traveling while fitting right into your diaper bag, backpack or travel bag.
Simplify baby feeding. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, washing machine, or wipe clean with soap and water. Made of mesh see-through fabric with nylon. They’re more like playpen containers for a highchair than a bib or floor mat.
It’s a toddler spill container from stage 1 baby food to whole foods. It’s the highchair version of silicone bibs for babies. So the baby cereal bowls, spoons, forks, utensils, plastic plates and dishes stay up, no more floor cleaning.
Safe place for children and adults with disabilities who don’t have control of their upper body. Items will stay on the tray of the wheelchair and will no longer end up on the ground.

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