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Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport – PC review


Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport – PC review

It’s not going to be easy… you can bet your lifeon it!Product InformationFor eighty years war has been raging and has now bee the only focus ofthe human race. Fighting isn’t just about staying alive anymore it is aboutmaking money. Federations have created Bet On Soldier a show where soldiersfight to entertain and to generate profits. You are a soldier in the middle ofthis sick sport with a mission to stay alive to avenge your fiancees death.On the edge gameplay – players must kill and bet to earn enough money tosurvive. No Money. No Bullets. No Armor. No Chance.Product Features Over 40 Bet On Soldier champions to defeat. Up to 32 players spread over 6 warrior classes. Twenty missions spread through 4 unique environments. Over 40 different weapons. Two endings – choose your own destiny.System Requirements Windows 2000 XP Pentium IV 2 GHz processor 512 MB of RAM 4 GB free Hard Disk space 64 MB Graphics Card 8X DVD-ROM drive DX patible Sound Card DirectX 9.0c or higher Pixel and Vertex shader required Note:  Onboard/Integrated graphic chipsets and laptops are not supported. Enroll in “Bet on Soldier” tournament for revenge in this thrilling action game
40+ champions to defeat on your way to the top; 40+ different weapons
20 missions in 4 distinctive environments; advanced Artificial Intelligence
Story mode with non-linear progress; choose from 2 different endings
Engrossing multiplayer with up to 32 players spread over 6 warrior classes

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