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Softest Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel & 2 Washcloth Family Set (Bear) – Cashmere Soft 4X more Absorbent – Bath Towel with Hood for Boy, Girl at Pool, Beach – Perfect Shower Gift Baby Registry review


Softest Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel & 2 Washcloth Family Set (Bear) – Cashmere Soft 4X more Absorbent – Bath Towel with Hood for Boy, Girl at Pool, Beach – Perfect Shower Gift Baby Registry review

Bambi Bamboo designs and manufactures the towels with your well-being in mind. .

* Made from 100% Natural Hypoallergenic Bamboo – Earth and Human friendly yet durable. Our organic bamboo towel is the first choice for delicate and sensitive skin which are prone to eczema, acne while keeping normal skin clean & clear as well. Use Bambi Bamboo towels for a greener Earth for your little baby boy’s and girl’s generation and for healthier skin.

* Cashmere Soft and Ultra Absorbent – Babies get cold easily after a bath and our Bamboo Baby Towel is plush to the touch, absorbs water four times faster than cotton, keep your baby dry, warm and cozy. Machine washable, dries quickly and gets even softer wash after wash. Super cute and unisex design does not sacrifice comfort : Baby is fresh and extremely cute after happy bathtime when being wrapped in the Bambi Bamboo gentle white and amber bear ear hooded towel

* A thoughtful towel set for whole family – A unique and coolest towel gift set for whole family: Smartest Baby deserves the luxurious softness from our towels so do the Sweetest Mommy and Supper Daddy can enjoy the best towels on Earth for themselves

What You Get:

– Generously large size bear-ear hooded white towel with name tag Smartest Baby: 34 x 34 inches

– One white towel with name tag Sweetest Mommy: 12 x 12 inches

– One white towel with name tag Supper Daddy: 12×12 inches

Satisfaction Guaranteed If for any reasons, our product does not live up to your expectations, we will refund 100% Money Back. Guaranteed! !CASHMERE SOFT & SILKY TO THE TOUCH – Made from 100% pure organic bamboo, our infant hooded bath towel and washcloths set of 2 are the softest towels, make your newborn feel comfortably cozy in a heavenly velvety embrace. Our baby hooded towels are perfect, soft, warm, and absorbent for the Bath, Pool, or Beach; Gender neutral unisex for boy or girl use
SUPER ABSORBENT & KEEP BABY WARM – Our bamboo baby hooded towel set absorbs water 4 times faster than cotton, helps your baby’s skin get dry rapidly without rubbing, naturally regulates temperature to keep baby warm and comfy after bath. The perfect baby – toddler bath towel with bear ears
ORGANIC, HYPOALLERGENIC & ANTIBACTERIAL – Our bamboo hooded bath towels are naturally hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant characteristics making it resistant to odors and completely free of chemicals and pesticides; Safe, natural and healthy organic baby bath towels for babies and kids with delicate skin, sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema, rash, acne, allergies,..
EXTRA LARGE BEAR EAR HOODED TOWEL – Our super cute 34×34 inch kid hooded bath towel with bear ear will grow up with your babies from infant hooded towel to toddler hooded towels (5,6 year old) and 2 of 12×12 inch hand towels large enough for adult’s use. Our organic bamboo hooded bath towel and 2 washcloth sets are an ideal, unisex and useful gift for every parent. Bamboo is extra eco-friendly, so you’ll be doing the environment a favor as well!
THE WORLD UNIQUE TOWEL GIFT SET FOR BABY AND PARENTS – Our softest hooded bath towel and washcloth sets carry sentiment meaning to fortify the bond between parents and baby -Smartest Baby is nurtured from the care of the Sweetest Mommy and the love of the Super Daddy, therefore both the bundle of joy and the parents deserve the silky goodness of the nature. Share them around the family and enjoy the heavenly touch on your skin. Don’t forget to gift this set to your friends and loved ones.

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